Smart IoT Solutions for Enhancing Energy and Industrial Optimization

We offer municipalities, cooperatives, enterprises the implementation of energy-efficient microgrids to optimize energy consumption and obtain the best price for 1 kWh. We will help you choose the best investment and technology strategy when deploying energy-efficient microgrids. We are interested in long-term cooperation.


Solutions & Microgrids

We make 'visible' distribution assets for control and management using own Embee® IoT wireless platform.


Street lighting Microgrid

We offer monetization of urban lighting networks and a modernization strategy for the new requirements of the decentralized energy model according to Directive (EU) 2019/944.


Our wireless IoT platform in Microgrids

The reliable, secure Embee IoT communication platform combines different types of devices from any manufacturers, creates a synergistic combination of multiway Cashflow with minimal Capex in the IoT infrastructure.


Industrial IoT Microgrid

We offer service tools and visualization of all distributed resources with a high level of detail on the consumption profile. Increases the efficiency of own generation and reduces energy costs of assets.

TOP 3 innovations our solutions based Embee IoT platform

IoT communications are very important part of reliability, security, scalability, flexibility for future solutions. Communication technology influences significaly business models, CAPEX and OPEX of projects.

size of IoT FAN claster

size of IoT FAN claster

One Embee® IoT Field Area Network claster has up to 1000-4000 pcs devices per gateway without additional communications routers and other equipments. It is simple deployment. It is low CAPEX.

Flexible business models

Flexible business models

We give the opportunity to choose the components of a future solution and manage the purchase price.

'Transparent' for any devices

'Transparent' for any devices

Embee IoT wireless network combines any devices of different manufacturers. It is one IoT network for smart meters, smart street fixtures, sensors, EV chargers, smart microinverters, home relays, ets..

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Would you like to make smarter your distribution assets?

Send us Google maps coordinates of your distribution assets, and we will give you offer.

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