Do you need energy independence and the lowest price for 1 kWh? Start implementing your own smart microgrid. Investing in a solar plant is a good start, but the efficiency of such generation for self-consumption is no more than 10%. Step-by-step construction of a microgrid allows you to get an efficiency of up to 55% already for the system. Such an investment is much more effective. We suggest starting with monitoring, which can be supplemented with various sources of generation over time.

The microgrid of a building, office center, enterprise, communal facilities mixes several types of energy depending on the goals.

  • The classic source of energy is energy from the distribution network, which is constantly increasing in price.
  • Solar energy is the cheapest energy available after investing in a solar plant for 25-30 years. The problem with energy is that it is available only during the day and then with an uneven supply that depends on weather conditions.
  • Accumulators and systems for energy storage, depending on the conditions of use, can have both the most expensive and the cheapest cost of 1 kWh.
  • NegaWatt energy is the absence of energy. This is the reduction of energy consumption by command or script of the microgrid controller. In combination with various sources, it is a balancing component of the microgrid that allows you to get the lowest price for 1 kWh in the system.

Therefore, the presence of different energy sources with different prices mixes the microgrid controller and makes it possible to get the most optimal option for certain time intervals during the day. The software allows you to manage the selection of one or another energy source in 1 minute.