In the smart grid of the future, generation will not follow consumption, so  when demand rises, the preferred solution would not be more generation.

Demand response seeks to adjust the demand for power instead of adjusting the supply. Utilities may signal demand requests to their customers in a variety of ways, including simple off-peak metering, in which power is cheaper at certain times of the day, and smart metering, in which explicit requests or changes in price can be communicated to customers. The customer may adjust power demand by postponing some tasks that require large amounts of electric power, or may decide to pay a higher price for their electricity. Some customers may switch part of their consumption to alternate sources, such on-site energy storages or diesel generators.

For fast deployment of Demand Response solution,  we use AutoGrid software .

Embee IoT hardware platform + AutoGrid DROMS™ is the world’s most comprehensive demand response optimization and management system.

It delivers four powerful capabilities to position your demand response programs for success in the rapidly evolving world of the Energy Internet:

  • Deploys a single, comprehensive demand response management system (DRMS) application covering all assets, programs and customer segments
  • Provides an engaging customer experience for higher program yield
  • Enables dispatch-grade DR through complex business rules, and highly accurate load shed forecasting and M&V
  • Scales rapidly for quick rollout and easy extension of new programs