Smart street lighting system for the city of the future is Asset that not only energy savings, but also make income.


We ready to deploy our EMBEE SMART STREET LIGHTING SOLUTION for you city with next benefits:

The first step is the replacement of old sodium / mercury lamps with new LED fixtures with EMBEE brightness controllers. 

LED Lamps can be any of the manufacturers that satisfy the design, technical parameters of lighting, quality, best price. All luminaires will have an Embee lighting controller, that will manage brightness, switch on/off each LED lamp.

Next, a multi-tariff electricity meters is installed in the street control cabinets. In case for if a control cabinet is provided. If for example for the US market, the Embee controller has a built-in electricity meter, which allows you to turn on the fixtures in the rebate program.

Electricity meters of street lighting cabinets with 15 or 30 minute intervals display the level of consumption, voltage, currents, and many other parameters. Electricity meters have a built-in Embee radio modems and operate in FREE lisence 2.4GHz  the same local radio network of Embee IoT platform.

So, Our system does not require wiring and cabinet replacement. It works immediately after installing the fixtures and one Embee/Ethernet/3G/4G gateway. The gateway is installed one for up to 1000-4000 pcs of devices without any additional communication equipments. Gateway can be installed in any convenient place on the Embee local radio network.

Second step, after LED luminaries and smart meters installed, we (or customer) make configuration of EMBEE street lighting system from our software.


Embee Street lighting system add up to 55% energy savings and cuts down on maintenance cost. All street lighting fixtures are visible on the maps of UCon software. The Embee  street lighting system allows to set up 127 groups of lamps. Each group has lighting profile with energy saving levels. The many groups increase  total level of energy savings of all systems.

Thanks to the individual control of the system’s fixtures in real time, the power lines remain energized, which opens up new opportunities for generating income.

According to the electricity meter installed in the lighting cabinets, we monitor the status of the lighting power lines in real time.

Thirdly, the Street Lighting Asset should not only save energy but also generate income in the new model of the energy market. It can be charging stations for electric vehicles. 

At first glance, the idea is not new, but Embee Smart Street Lighting solution manages the free capabilities of a street power lines. Our flexible street lighting energy saving management system with 127 groups allows to free up more energy for charging stations. Thanks to the individual control of each street lamp, we calculate the load of the power lines both day and night, which makes it possible to reliably connect charging stations and control the charge current of the street pillar EV station.

Our solution manages free power line capacity. You can buy energy from a supplier or increase revenue by installing your own PV panels. Next step, after installing street pillar EV stations, it developments of street lighting Microgrid.

Microgrid is an additional option for effective street asset management. Our Microgrid solution allows you to use the energy of the sun or wind to charge cars throughout the day, and use the excess for accumulation in the battery storage. All this process is controlled by our UCon Microgrid software.

In the smart grid of the future, generation will not follow consumption. This is due to the fact that the energy in the future smart grids moves in different directions, which means that the balancing tool will be relevant. Already today, the Demand Response solutions are being implemented around the world. A street asset can also be a peak load management tool for an energy supplier.

We have not yet had to use this tool for anyone, but our Embee Smart Street Lighting system can easily be configured to be managed of the curtailment service provider.