KTS-INTEK Ltd is experts in distributed energy solutions, integrating new IoT technologies and delivering commercial benefits. We are manufacturer and provider of Energy savings solutions for Utilities, Municipalities, other B2B customers who manage own local distribution assets. All our solutions are aimed a direct result of energy conservation and increased energy efficiency your existing distributed assets.

We have own Embee® IoT platform that secure, “transparent” for any protocols of devices from different vendors.   Our IoT Field Area network (FAN) allows us to develop various business models and reduce the CAPEX and OPEX of implemented projects.

In the smart grid of the future, generation will not follow consumption, when demand rises, the preferred solution would not be more generation. Utility will look at gaining more efficiency with their existing assets. The smart grid of the future will be able to optimize the use of its assets, reduce losses, curtail unnecessary load, and ensure sustainable rationality between what could be economically generated and the load that has to be serviced. There are many solutions on the market, but implementation flexibility is limited by the compatibility of IoT components and communications. As a result, it is impossible to build cost-efficient business models and manage the price of the project.

We provide Internet of Energy (IoE) consulting, major FAN project delivery, design and build of IoT communications, operations and maintenance, and asset management. We have 10 year expertise in IoT communications for distributed energy resources and integrating new technologies, such as Advance Meter Infrastructure, Smart Street lighting system, electric vehicle infrastructure, Demand Response, battery storages and Microgrids.

Through the delivery of end-to-end energy solutions, we help our clients increase the productivity of their assets, to adapt their infrastructure for new model of distribution energy resourses and enable them to increase additional income from their infrastructure.