Our GSM/Embee/IO/3G/4G Data Aggregation Point (DAP) is a component Embee platform that connects to the Head-End Software (HES) using public wireless networks to create a secure communications link to electric meters, energy storages, EV charges, Input/Output sensors and relay, and other IoT devices.

Features & Benefits

  • Secure
    • AES128, VPN, white/black lists for IP, SSL/TLS, SHA3-256
  • Communications Bridge
    • GSM 3G/4g (WAN) to NAN or HAN
    • Direct connects electric with smart energy devices from NAN or HAN
  • Supports ANY metering AND sensors protocols; DLMS/COSEM,  Modbus, ets.

We can use our DAP both for work with a large local NAN network of devices, and in combination with local wired devices. It is Linux device, and can be easy confiqured over-the-air to Embee gateway.

For remote switchgears, meters, automation, we use a wired connection through our DAP for real-time data exchange. Connecting devices can be either by wire or via the EMBEE radio modems. It allows over the air data access, two-way communications for devices, meter programming, firmware upgrades.

For more details about Our GSM/Embee/IO/3G/4G Data Aggregation Point see datasheets.