We transform the street lighting network of the city into an Asset that brings not only energy savings but also income.

Street lighting networks are the foundation platform of a smart city. Street Lighting control system with individual control of fixtures can allow fast deployment of EV charging, PV & storages,  mobility solutions without modernization of street electrical infrastructure. Second, another solutions can be add like  air quality, smart waste, ets. The smart platform of the city is deployed on reliable and flexible IOT-communications that allow you to implement all of these solutions. Development of EV charging, PV & storages,  mobility solutions  is very necessary for cities, since the growth factor of electric vehicles requires charging infrastructure in urban areas. Street electrical network infrastructure needs to individually manage each lamp in the city so that this asset works as efficiently as possible.

Our Embee IoT communication platform fully meets the needs of today and for the future of 5-10 years.