The Embee water metering system is fully automatic. The basis of the water meter data collection system is the Embee local radio network, which operates in the unlicensed frequency range of 2.4-2.48 GHz. Embee radio modems in the water meter are approved for use. Output power of the radio modems in water meters from 2 to 10mW.  All radio broadcast information is encrypted and cannot be read without a password.
Once a day (weekly, monthly), at a predetermined time, the meters start transmitting their consumption data to the Embee / GSM / 3G / Ethernet gateway. The Gateway, after receiving consumption data, logs the status of the meters (external magnetic field interaction, battery level) stores them in its database. After the exchange with the water meters is complete, the gateway sends to everyone a message about the clock correction, the time of the next data exchange session on the radio network and the command to disconnect from the local network and go offline. The time of data communication between smart meter and gateway in the project 100 pcs of meters is about 0.5 sec.

During the implementation of any project, we can implement our EMBEE IoT platform into the water meters of any local manufacturer, which will speed up market entry and do not require additional certification and permits.

When implementing AMR WATER projects, we divide them into two types: the first is meters in multi-storey buildings. The second is water meters in the countryside in separate houses. Given that the water meters have a battery, the water metering system should quickly and accurately collect an array of data from the meters. The implementation of the second option, we usually consider as part of a street lighting system, or the AMI system of electric meters, which is the reference IOT platform for sleeping water meters.