Our Embee Field Area Network (FAN) or Neighborhood Area Network is a 2.4 GHz standards-based, high-bandwidth wireless technology. One Embee NAN cluster provides you a secure, reliable, time tested scalable solution. Embee NAN network had tested and debugged during 2 years. The program of testing NAN included about 150 points. Today Embee NAN ensures 100% communication in the mesh network between devices. Embee NAN uses Silab (Ember) Zigbee stack with 100 hops and every minute route change. These two advantages Embee NAN override the lack of weak radio propagation inherent in that range 2,4-2.48 GHz. We debugged addressing probabilistic algorithm, which allowed us to get away from the problem of poor propagation “point-to-point” in Embee mesh network layer.

  • It is biggest cluster of Neighborhood Area Network supports from 1000 – 4000 pcs devices per gateway, without additional communication routers.
  • it is a “transparent”, for any protocols, local radio network for communication with devices.
  • This is a simple addressing with devices. For example, each manufacturer has a serial number (AIR4729100003827STRZ984612) of the manufactured device. (meters, luminaries, sensors, etc.). For us, this is the data exchange address in the Embee cluster. It is very simple when there is a serial number of the device, and the subscriber has it at the address of residence. Another example of addressing might be line 26_str_LENIS_aveny_city_Nordfock. Or example is the GPS coordinate, which is assigned when the device is installed and is simply scanned by the smartphone.


  • This is Embee NAN  1000 modems per coordinator at the exhibition in Amsterdam (2012).
  • Big IoT wireless network of nodes is low CAPEX and Opex of project.
  • You can see our comparison of IoT communications for different in different projects.  We checked it in practice and completed projects.
  • The 100 hops and every minute route change, simple adressing of Embee NAN allows offers low cost end points, provides the security and reliability, and it can deployed coverage of both dense urban and sparse rural areas.
  • Simple addressing and automatic deployment of a local radio network of devices is an easy maintenance that does not require training of personnel.

If you are a manufacturer and you need an IoT network for the NAN segment, we are ready to help integrate our EMBEE NAN into your solution. You will expand our ecosystem and together we will have win-win strategy.