We have own Ucon software for our solutions.

AMR/AMI  solution

Smart street lighting  solution

We communicate in single claster up to 1000 – 4000 pcs of smart street fixtures, smart meters, sensors, solar microinverters and EV charges. One secure, reliable Embee IoT platform for different devices from different manufacturers. It is flexibly, simple maintenance and allows to get low CapEx & OpEx of project.

On-line Prepaid  solution

This is Real time, secure, very reliable solution for charge money and data read information about balance from the smart meters. The money charges directly to the meter within 1-2 seconds. No Tokens, No keybord on the meters, very reliable communication Embee IoT mesh network. With prepaid option of electricity meters, cooperative has other AMI benefit from system.

Demand Response  solution

We offer our customers the best Internet of Energy and AI software form Autogrid company for fast deployment other DER solutions.


Demand Response Optimization and Management System

AutoGrid DROMS™ is the world’s most comprehensive demand response (DR) optimization and management system, delivering dispatch-grade DR with a personalized customer experience.

Distributed Energy Resource Management System

AutoGrid DERMS™ harnesses customer-owned distributed energy resources to enhance rather than disrupt grid operations and deliver new ancillary services.

Virtual Power Plant

AutoGrid VPP™ aggregates customer-owned flexible storage, generation or demand-side resources in wholesale energy markets in real time and turns them into cash generators.

AutoGrid ESMS™

AutoGrid Energy Storage Management System co-optimizes all energy storage assets with demand response programs and all other DERs, maximizing returns on investments and delivering value to all stakeholders.