Our solutions are flexible for different business models

In the absence of mature technologies, interoperable standards, and exhaustively qualified solutions, cash-strapped Utility companies cannot afford taking the risks involved in upgrading their electricity grid overnight. These companies provide a critical service to society, which cannot be put into jeopardy by rushing through the transition from the legacy grid to a smart grid. Instead, the industry in the developed world is taking steps to modernize the grid through strategic and gradual implantation of fully validated smart grid functions and features into the legacy system.

Most manufacturers and suppliers of solutions, offer turnkey project implementation. They usually have their own smart meters, smart lamps, sensors, etc. The supplier won the turnkey tender and completed it. Next time, the customer announces a new tender to continue the modernization, so another supplier wins. As a result, the customer has one distribution asset, as a “zoo” of solutions, the support of which is difficult to implement. In the future, the customer either independently exploits complex new solutions or transfers support to a third party, increasing OpEx.

Our solutions are based own Embee IoT platform that allows to make modernization of distribution assets step by step with low CAPEX and it does’n increase significaly OpEx in the future.

One of our business model are in the picture below:

Why is this business model convenient for the Utilities?

  1. In this model, the Utility (or Municipality) can select components from suppliers for the modernization of its distributed assets. For example, the Mynicipality can choose for its solution street lamps with a beautiful design, with the best technical characteristics, bargain at the price directly with the supplier or manufacturer. Thus, there is already a cost savings on the components. Further, Our company acts as a guarantor that all components will work in a turnkey solution. We implement our Embee radio modems into the components, launch a  solution.  At the stage of negotiations, the Utility already has all the figures for the cost of a future solution with components that are completely satisfied with their reliability. Everything is the same with software. Either we provide our own or Utility buys on the side. KTS-INTEK company guarantees reliable performance and future implementation of new solutions.
  2. This business model has already been tested on real customers. Today, according to this model, we cooperate with 20 cooperatives that serve a total of about 25,000 subscribers. A feature of the business model is the gradual modernization of its distributed assets: smart meters, street lighting, ets. This model allows you to independently buy small batches of solution components and update them yourself. Thanks to the flexibility of the Embee IoT platform and our software for our solutions, cooperatives has cheap of installation and launch services.
  3. Due to the simplicity of our solutions based on the Embee IoT platform, customers do everything themselves. We only provide remote technical support 24/7.

We also have experience in the African country of Djibouti, where our AMI + On-Line prepaid solution is successfully deployed by completely unprepared personnel with a very low level of skill. We just arrived once launched 10 devices and a gateway. On their own, over the course of 3 years, they continue to deploy a solution of 500 devices, which already has 200.  In this example, when a poor country, with the lack of qualified personnel, cannot afford large investments, we solved the problem with a flexible business model. Embee IOT the platform on which we build our AMI + On-Line prepaid solution allows us to do this.