Smart lighting in Novoukrainka

We implemented a pilot project of smart lighting in Ukraine in 2018. A pilot project was implemented in the Novoukrainka of the Kirovograd region. This object continues to increasing and developing. At the moment, the object consists of 130 lamps. No additional equipment.

KTS Intek has successfully introduced and implemented a smart lighting system based on the EMBEE wireless radio network. Thanks to the EMBEE radio network, a smart lighting system can consist of more than 4,000 lamps.

Due to the flexibility EMBEE radio network with lamps may be added electricity meters, sensors, etc. All in one big MESH radio network. Such a combination can significantly expand the capabilities and functionality of street lighting (for example, the organization of a network of chargers for electric cars based on street lighting, etc.).

The object in Novoukrainka successfully operates and provides additional savings due to the flexible dimming schedule, which can be individually configured for each lamp. The system arranges the lamps on the map according to the GPS data that enters the system when it.


  • Smart street lights130 pcs. (now increasing).
  • – Gateway – 1 pc.

Our support only by phone, if it needs.
No additional communication routers, ets. Only Smart street lights.