AMR in Vishenki

The management of the cottage town Vishenki made the decision to purchase the AMR system in 2015. In the same year, KTS Intek started cooperation with this cottage town.

Vishenki  is a prime example of building an AMR system on the principle of “constructor”. (Flexible business model). The cottage town does not have enough funds to purchase all the equipment (electricity meters and gateway). But it has the ability to purchase equipment step-by-step (5-10 counters at a time).

Meters set randomly. No projects, no planning and difficult researches. Starting from one meter, the management already has the opportunity to take readings and use them in the software.  The cottage staff independently developed the system and used a smartphone or tablet to poll the meters first time. As the number of electricity meters increased, they bought a gateway and immediately saw all the meters on the PC..

A gateway is installed in the office of the cottage town that automatically polls the network of meters (the part that is already in touch). An employee needs to suit only those meters that are not yet in the radio coverage area of the network (far from the rest of the meters).

With each new meter installed, the network grows and becomes more stable, and data poling tends to 100%.

Vishenki started with 5 meters, and now they have more than 500 pcs. and they continue to actively increase it number. With the current filling of the facility with meters, they have a poll of 100%

Basic equipment:

  • -The electricity meter – 540 pcs. from 1080 pcs. (Meters of different manufacturers in single Embee mesh network)
  • – Gateway – 1 pc.

Any new electricity meters addition is automatic. The solution does not require a “nanny” and is managed independently by the staff of the cottage town. Our support only by phone, if it needs.
No additional communication routers, ets. Only meters.